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The humble Ladoo is perhaps the best known Indian sweet dish around the world. Whether it be as holy offerings, or for a festival, or for a celebration, or just because you feel like it, it is the perfect bite-sized dessert for each occasion. The true magic of the Ladoo is in its many forms and shapes with each state in India specialising in their own special Ladoo recipe. Here are a few Ladoos from India that explain the dish’s popularity:

Boondi Ladoo is the most popular form of Ladoo found in India. Round golden spheres of deliciousness, no festival is complete without one of these adorning your plate. Made of Gram Flour which is first sieved and fried into individual balls (hence the name coming from the Hindi word ‘boond’ or drop), this Ladoo is the perfect mouthful of crunchiness and sweetness. It’s popularity is such that it has different sub-genres within itself such as the Motichoor Ladoo where the individual pieces of Gram flour are minute but combine to form a ball of deliciousness.

Methi Dana Ladoo is unique in its distinctive bitter yet sweet taste. Made with Methi Dana or Fenugreek seeds, this Ladoo produces a culinary experience that is so distinct that it is one that won’t be forgotten easily. Most commonly eaten in the winters, the nutrient rich Fenugreek seeds impart goodness such as antioxidants and enhanced digestive abilities.

Til ke Ladoo is another essential winter snack eaten across India. Made from Til or Sesame Seeds, they provide a punch of flavour and nutrition that is hard to match. Usually combined together with jaggery, these Ladoos are the perfect bite of sweet, savoury, toasty, nutty goodness.

Besan Ladoo is another dish with universal appeal across India. Like the Besan Burfi, it is made of Chickpea Flour and it’s unique, crumbly, texture contains within it the sweetness of jaggery and the crunch of assorted nuts added to it. It is a must-have in the state of West Bengal.

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